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Sharpening steel and grinders DOMESTIC

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DOMESTIC Sharpener for ceramic knives
In stock more than 20 pcs
The whetstone can be used to sharpen ceramic knives. Part of the sharpener is a stand on which the knife should be placed. The stand ensures the correct focusing angle. Its unique design makes it easy to use and, thanks to its small size, it stores well. Instructions for use: Moisten the sharpener. Place the knife on the blade stand facing away from you. Slightly move the sharpener back and forth simultaneously and press it with your index finger. Start sharpening from the knife handle and end at the tip. Repeat two or three times on each side to ensure full sharpness. When finished, wash the sharpener thoroughly with water and remove any residue. Caution: Improper use may damage the blade.
59 Kč48,8 Kč excl. VAT