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Boxed sewing kit
In stock more than 2 sada

89 Kč73,6 Kč excl. VAT
ORION Sewing kit in a box
In stock more than 6 sada
Sewing set in a practical box with a handle and an inner insert. Practical for traveling or for small sewing at home, at the cottage, for camping... Equipment included: 12 colors of thread, set of needles, small scissors, tape measure, threader, thimble, safety pins, pins. Material: plastic. Dimensions: 14.5x8x9.5 cm.
149 Kč123 Kč excl. VAT
WEIS Bell at the reception
In stock 1 pcs
The bell is intended for hotel reception, restaurant facilities and in some cases can also serve well in households. Made of stainless steel and painted sheet metal.
269 Kč222 Kč excl. VAT