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Moisture absorbers

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EVERBRAND Moisture absorber ABSODRY DUO FAMILY BAG, up to 50 m3, gray
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Everbrand Sweden moisture and odor absorbers are a perfect example of Scandinavian design and maximum functionality. The absorber includes a bag with crystals that absorb moisture in the air. It condenses in the crystals and drips into the lower part of the container, where there is a tank for this condensed water with a volume of 1 liter. There is a watermark on the absorber itself, according to which you will have an overview of the amount of condensed water. When the tank is full, it can be easily emptied through the drain hole without having to remove the bag of crystals. The absorber is intended for a room with a maximum volume of 50m3 and one charge of crystals lasts up to 3 months.
739 Kč611 Kč excl. VAT
ORION Moisture absorber 450 g HUMI exchangeable 0.6 l
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The dehumidifier will help you prevent moisture in the apartment, house, warehouses, garages, etc. It is suitable for areas that are not regularly ventilated, but also for periods when the heating stops and the humidity increases. Container material: plastic. The plastic container contains a bag of granules that absorb moisture from the air, which remains at the bottom of the container. It does not eliminate any odor or sound, it does not need electricity, it is small, so it will not confuse you anywhere. After filling the container, pour out the water. The granulate gradually reduces its effectiveness and after it has exhausted its effects, it needs to be replaced - this time depends on the humidity in the room in which it is placed. Dimensions: volume 0.6 l (total 0.9 l), 450 g, 19x8x18 cm.
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ORION Moisture absorber 450 g HUMI exchangeable 0.6 l, filling only
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Replacement refill for dehumidifier. The granulate absorbs moisture from the air, which is stored in a plastic absorber container. The granulate gradually reduces its effectiveness and needs to be replaced when its effects are exhausted. The shelf life of the granulate is up to 20 m2 in 2-5 months, depending on the air humidity and air temperature in the room. Very wide use - you can use it in all replaceable dehumidifiers. Material: calcium chloride, non-woven fabric made of PP. Dimensions: 450 g, 18x13x2 cm.
89 Kč73,6 Kč excl. VAT