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BRAUN Steam iron TexStyle 3, SI 3041 GR
In stock 2 pcs
During the improvement, the Braun TexStyle 3 iron was equipped with a new attractive appearance, more power and better steam performance. Now it is equipped with the world's unique FreeGlide 3D technology, which enables gliding in all directions. Specifications Power: 2350 W Color: Turquoise Ironing surface: FreeGlide 3D SuperCeramic Variable steam: 0-45 g/min Water tank capacity: 270 ml "Anticalc" system against limescale: Yes "Anti drip" system against dripping: Yes Cable winding: Yes Power cable: 2 m Precise steam burst / Horizontal and vertical steaming: 180 g/min Suitable for tap water: Yes
1 339 Kč1 107 Kč excl. VAT
BRAVO CARLA steam iron, blue, B-4795
In stock more than 2 pcs
Carla steam iron with ceramic ironing surface with anti-drip and limescale function. The iron has temperature control, self-cleaning, 3 m long power cord. The volume of the water tank is 300 ml. Description: ceramic ironing board ANTI DRIP anti-drip function ANTI CALC anti-scale function temperature regulation dry ironing self-cleaning water tank volume 300 ml 3 m long cord power consumption 2200 W continuous steam control 0-35 g / min. steam boost / shock 60-90g / min.
679 Kč561 Kč excl. VAT
BRAVO MAJA dry iron, B4722
In stock 1 pcs
Nerezová žehlící plocha, lehká do ruky, žehlení bez páry, příkon 1000 W, délka přívodního kabelu 180 cm, rozměr žehlící plochy: 250 x 100 mm.
439 Kč363 Kč excl. VAT
BRAVO Steam iron CARLA, purple, B-4795
In stock more than 2 pcs
Carla steam iron with ceramic ironing surface with anti-drip and limescale function. The iron has temperature control, self-cleaning, 3 m long power cord. The volume of the water tank is 300 ml. Description: ceramic ironing board ANTI DRIP anti-drip function ANTI CALC anti-scale function temperature regulation dry ironing self-cleaning water tank volume 300 ml 3 m long cord power consumption 2200 W continuous steam control 0-35 g / min. steam boost / shock 60-90g / min.
679 Kč561 Kč excl. VAT
BRAVO Steam iron SERENA, gray, B-4813
In stock more than 2 pcs
Titanium ironing surface, ANTI DRIP (anti-drip function), ANTI CALC (anti-limescale function), m ANTI SHUT OFF (automatic shutdown function when idle), temperature control, dry ironing, steam power 120g / min, self-cleaning, 3m long cord , power consumption 3000 W.
1 089 Kč900 Kč excl. VAT
PHILIPS Steam iron 3000 Series DST3010-30
Not in stock
Steam boost up to 140 g for extra power The steam boost provides extra power that penetrates deeper into the fabric and easily removes even the most stubborn creases. Continuous steam up to 30g/min ensures consistent performance Powerful and constant steam allows you to remove creases faster. The power of 2000 W ensures fast heating Fast heating and efficient ironing. Smooth sliding ceramic ironing surface The durable ceramic ironing surface glides easily over any ironable garment. It does not stick to clothes, is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Drip stop prevents water from dripping onto clothing The drip stop prevents water from seeping onto your clothes - you can iron at any temperature with confidence. Vertical steam allows hanging fabrics to be ironed The vertical ironing function allows you to freshen clothes directly on the hanger and remove creases from hanging fabrics such as curtains. An ironing board is not needed. The Triple Precision tip allows you to easily reach hard-to-reach places Triple Precision tip - has a pointed tip, an iron-on groove around the buttons and a smooth shape. It helps to iron the most difficult to reach places, such as around buttons and between folds. Built-in Calc-Clean slider and long-lasting steam The tank of this iron can be filled with normal tap water. The built-in Calc-Clean cleaning function makes it easy to remove limescale from the iron and guarantees top performance. Water tank with a volume of 300 ml for multiple ironing at once Thanks to the large capacity of the water tank (300 ml), it is not necessary to refill it so often. You can iron multiple garments at once.
1 099 Kč908 Kč excl. VAT
PHILIPS Steam iron STEAM IRON 5000 SERIES, DST5010/10, white gray
In stock 2 pcs
The Philips 5000 series DST5010/10 is a steam iron that combines performance elements with practical functions to achieve efficient ironing. 2400W power: This iron is equipped with a powerful 2400W heater, which ensures fast heating and ready to iron in a short time. High performance makes it possible to easily remove wrinkles and folds from different types of fabrics. SteamGlide Plus: The Philips DST5010/10 has a SteamGlide Plus ironing surface that combines great glide with scratch resistance. This means you can iron different materials smoothly and easily without damaging them. Steam function: This iron is equipped with a steam function, which allows you to effectively remove wrinkles and folds from fabrics using steam. Steaming also helps to freshen and disinfect textiles. Adjustable temperature: Philips DST5010/10 allows you to adjust the temperature according to the type of fabric you are ironing. This ensures safe and effective ironing for various materials. White and gray design: This version of the iron has an elegant white and gray design that can fit into different types of homes and add an aesthetic element to your home. Powerful steam: Sufficiently strong steam output allows you to quickly and easily steam and iron even the most demanding wrinkles.
1 649 Kč1 363 Kč excl. VAT
PHILIPS Steam iron STEAM IRON 5000 SERIES, DST5030-20, blue
In stock 2 pcs
2400 W power for quick heating It provides fast heating and excellent performance. The scratch-resistant ironing surface glides perfectly Our special SteamGlide Plus soleplate glides smoothly on any fabric. It is also non-stick, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The Drip Stop system protects clothes from stains during ironing The Drip Stop system provides security when ironing delicate fabrics at lower temperatures. You don't have to worry about water drops leaving stains. Continuous steam output of up to 45 g/min for quality and reliable performance Quality and reliable steam output for faster crease removal. Built-in Calc Clean function switch, long-term steaming performance This iron uses regular tap water. The Calc Clean function is a built-in cleaning function to remove calcium or scale deposits and maintain peak performance. Comfortable textured handle for easy holding The textured handle offers a comfortable and ergonomic hold and does not slip when holding the iron. Steam boost up to 180 g to remove the most stubborn creases Penetrates deeper into fabrics to remove stubborn creases Tested cable for maximum durability and safety All our steam iron cables are thoroughly tested for maximum safety and durability. Vertical steaming for hanging fabrics The vertical steam function allows it to be applied to clothes still in the dryer and to remove creases from hanging curtains. An ironing board is not needed. Specifications: Water tank volume 320 ml SteamGlide Plus ironing surface name Suitable tap water Anti-drip system Extremely stable storage surface Extra large filling opening Fast crease removal Consumption 2400 W Steam boost 180 g Continuous steam output 45 g/min Sprinkling Descaling and cleaning Built-in Calc Clean slider Iron weight 1.255 kg Product dimensions (W x H x D) 31.2 x 14.7 x 12.7 cm
1 749 Kč1 445 Kč excl. VAT
RUSSELL HOBBS Steam Iron Supreme Steam Light & Easy 23590-56
-23 %
In stock 2 pcs
You will simply love the ironing results thanks to the Supreme Steam Light & Easy iron. As its name suggests, it is very light and easy to use. Thanks to the non-stick surfaces, you can iron out even thick folds with ease and you will be left with only perfect results. The Supreme Steam Light & Easy iron has a 240ml water tank, so even at a glance you can see when the water needs to be topped up. The 240ml water tank allows 25g of constant steam output - great for fabrics such as cotton. And thanks to 90 g of steam, you can iron even more wrinkled fabric. It is equipped with Autosteam technology, which is easily controlled and allows you to easily select the appropriate temperature. The iron is also equipped with a vertical steam function, which is ideal for smoothing hanging curtains, drapes and upholstery. Plus, the adjustable steam feature gives you control over the amount of steam you use. If the laundry is too dry and wrinkled, we have a solution for you. Thanks to the atomizer built into the iron, the laundry will soften, which will guarantee easier ironing. Thanks to the Anti Drip function, you will protect your laundry from dripping water during ironing. The Supreme Steam Light & Easy iron is a great device that will become a necessity for you when ironing your laundry. Non-stick surface of ironing surfaces Auto Steam technology 25g constant steam output 90g steam boost 240ml tank volume Anti Drip system against dripping 2 m long cable 2400W
List price 779 Kč599 Kč495 Kč excl. VAT
TEFAL Steam iron FV1710 VIRTUO
In stock more than 2 pcs
The most important thing for quick and easy ironing The Virtuo steam iron enables fast and easy ironing with uncompromising results. Compact design and ergonomic steam control in combination with a non-stick ironing board for extremely easy ironing, 1800 W power input for fast results and a steam boost of 80 g / min is ideal for ironing even the most durable folds. FAST AND EASY IRONING WITH UNCOMPROMISING RESULTS For fast ironing with results you can count on. With the Virtuo iron, we have extremely easy ironing at your fingertips. This easy-to-use steam iron is equipped with a power input of 1800 W enabling fast ironing, continuous steam production of 20 g / min. for efficient ironing and a steam boost of 80 g / min., which handles even the most durable folds. The performance is perfectly complemented by its practicality and ease of use, compact design, non-stick ironing board and ergonomically placed steam button, which makes ironing easier and more comfortable. HIGHLY SLIDING NON-ADHESIVE IRONING BOARD Highly sliding ironing board equipped with advanced non-stick technology ensures exceptional slipperiness for comfortable and extra undemanding ironing. CONTINUOUS STEAM PRODUCTION FOR EFFICIENT IRONING Continuous steam production up to 20 g / min. ensures ideal performance for highly efficient ironing. POWERFUL STEAM SHOCK FOR DURABLE BENDS Power consumption of 1800 W allows fast ironing, while the steam boost is 80 g / min. handles even the toughest folds. EXTREMELY EASY TO USE Compact design complemented by ergonomic steam control and non-stick ironing board for ironing that couldn't be easier. VERTICAL STEAMING ON CLOTHES ON THE HILL Practical function for quick tuning or removal of folds on clothes on a hanger, jackets, delicate fabrics, etc. SCALE PROTECTION THANKS TO SELF-CLEANING SETTINGS Thanks to the descaling system, cleaning your iron is extremely easy. Regular maintenance ensures reliable steaming performance. EARTHING FOR EASY IRONING Sprinkling moistens the fabric to remove stubborn creases.
964 Kč797 Kč excl. VAT
TEFAL Steam iron FV2835E0
In stock 1 pcs
Power consumption: 2400 W Continuous steam output: 30 g/min Steam boost: 160 g/min Vertical steaming Sprinkling Steam and temperature settings: automatic Cerilium ironing surface technology Continuous steam: tip, sides and center The exact tip Concentrated steam blast at the tip of the ironing surface Comfortable handle Anti drip system against dripping Length of power cable: 1.9 m Water tank volume: 270 ml Ergonomic steam trigger Stable heel of the iron Large opening for filling with water Descaling function Water level indicator Color: purple and white
999 Kč826 Kč excl. VAT
TEFAL Steam iron FV2836E0
In stock 1 pcs
The Maestro steam iron offers the best for effortless ironing - remarkably easy to use and at the same time high performance. Continuous steam of 35 g / min contributes to high ironing efficiency and a steam boost of 115 g / min helps to remove stubborn creases and creases. The highly slippery, non-stick ironing surface with a ceramic surface provides effortless ironing and its large dimensions ensure faster results. Thanks to the intuitive ergonomic button for activating steam and sprinkling, ironing has never been easier. The Anti-Drip function prevents water stains on the fabric and ensures spot-free ironing even at low ironing board temperatures. Power consumption 2300 W for fast warm-up and exceptional steam output Steam output 35 g / min for highly efficient ironing and a steam boost of 115 g / min Larger ceramic ironing board for maximum grip and perfectly smooth gliding Ergonomic button for steam activation and sprinkling for absolutely easy use High quality materials and descaling mode for long-lasting performance Anti-Drip function protects against stains on the fabric High-capacity water tank with easy filling and visible water level for convenient use
1 299 Kč1 074 Kč excl. VAT