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LODOS Nutcracker STANDARD, silver
-10 %
In stock more than 10 pcs
Traditional nutcracker with ergonomic handles. Easily cracks all kinds of nuts.
List price 289 Kč260 Kč215 Kč excl. VAT
LODOS Nutcracker TIGER, colors mix
-10 %
In stock more than 20 pcs
Excellent for shelling nuts of various sizes - hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts, etc., it easily cracks the shell and does not crush the kernel. Great for comfortable opening of PET bottles. Made of durable metal alloy.
List price 349 Kč314 Kč260 Kč excl. VAT
-10 %
In stock more than 6 pcs
Made of durable alloy of precious metals, dishwasher safe.
List price 339 Kč305 Kč252 Kč excl. VAT