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CONCEPT Electric grater ES1000
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Electric grater Concept ES1000 with 200 W power and 6 stainless steel graters incl. a special one for fries will make a lot of work in the kitchen easier. It is easy to disassemble and the graters and disc can be washed in the dishwasher, so maintenance takes a minimum of time. One like the other Make your daily work in the kitchen easier while enjoying a perfect result. The ES1000 grater from Concept will free you from the tedious slicing and grating of ingredients forever. Carrots, beets, cucumbers, onions, parsley, but also hard cheese, nuts, breadcrumbs - nothing is an obstacle. Is it fine or coarse noodles, thick or thin slices? You will no longer have to worry about how to cut vegetables into "Julienne" with an ordinary knife. The strips will be one and the same and every chef will envy you. Choose one of the 6 graters and you will see the perfect result in just a few seconds. Honest home fries Do you also adore crispy fries that you can adjust to perfection according to your taste and are in no way comparable to store-bought ones? You simply install a disc with a grater and perfect fries are in the world. How you taste them depends only on your imagination. Simple maintenance and operation The grater is easy to disassemble and its composition is completely intuitive. You can wash the individual graters and the disc for fries in the dishwasher, so all the maintenance will not take much time. The graters are made of high-quality stainless steel, so there is no risk of damage. Technical parameters: Power consumption: 200 W 5 replaceable graters French fries grater disc Noise level: 80 dB Length of power cable: 1 m Easily disassembled Anti-slip feet A rammer Color: white + gray
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