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Pot sets Isogona, s.l.

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BRA ETERNA 9-piece cookware set
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Eterna stainless steel cookware has an elegant and functional design. It consists of 5 pieces and has a glossy surface with very ergonomic handles and grips so that they can be held comfortably. All parts are suitable for all heat sources (including induction) thanks to the triple bottom of the full induction diffuser. In addition, they have an excellent temperature distribution for the perfect cooking of all our recipes. The set consists of the following 5 pieces, all with internal filling marks. Pots and pans have a glass lid with a stainless steel handle, which contributes to more efficient cooking. Eterna dishes consist of 5 pieces, which are absolutely useful and indispensable in the kitchen, at the same time they are very versatile and complement each other perfectly, so you can prepare any recipe practically and efficiently. The pans and pots have a glass lid that helps keep the heat and steam of the stew, cooking is more efficient and allows you to keep cooking under control without having to lift it. All parts are very functional and are suitable for every type of kitchen. Made of 18/10 stainless steel, very hygienic and wear-resistant. Full triple bottom induction compatible with all heat sources including induction. Internal fulfillment brands. Dishwasher safe. Stainless steel handle and handles. Glass lids with stainless steel handles. Not suitable for the oven. Dishwasher safe. Ingredients: Casserole without lid 16 cm 1.25 l height 7.5 cm, Casserole with lid 20 cm 2.25 l height 8.5 cm, Casserole with lid 24 cm 3.75 l height 10 cm, Pot with lid 16 cm 2.5 l height 12.5 cm, Pot with lid 20 cm, 5 l height 16.5 cm.
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