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WESTMARK Set of lids for pot with rubber, 5 pcs
In stock more than 6 paket
Set of five polyethylene lids for pots or bowls, with rubber band for attachment, with fruit print, available in the following diameters: 9 cm, 14 cm, 17 cm, 19 cm and 25 cm. Material: PE
84 Kč69,4 Kč excl. VAT
WESTMARK Set of silicone lids for pots and bowls, 5 pcs
In stock 2 paket
Reusable covers for various containers with a diameter of 8 - 27 cm, can be used directly on fresh fruit (sliced watermelon), flexibly adapted, suitable alternative to food foil, airtight, dishwasher safe, suitable for freezers, resistant to temperatures from - 20 ° to 220 ° C Flexible and reusable silicone covers are suitable for airtight food covering and are an ecological alternative to food foil and aluminum foil. They are elastic and adapt flexibly to different containers and shapes - with a diameter of 8 to 27 cm. Bowls, pots, mugs, cans, glasses, can be easily covered thanks to different sized lids for fresh storage. As a set of 5 pieces are available in the following sizes: each 1x by 6.5 - 9.5 - 14.5 - 16.5 - 20.5 cm and can also be washed in the dishwasher and suitable for freezers (max. -20 ° C)) and heat resistant (max. + 220 ° C).
339 Kč280 Kč excl. VAT
WESTMARK Silicone lid 1 pc, Mini 10 cm, colors mix
In stock more than 6 pcs
Silicone lid, diameter 100 mm, with excellent heat resistance from -40 ° C to + 230 ° C, suitable for use on small bowls, glasses and cups, excellent for storing food or beverages, just press the lid lightly on the container and thanks to the solid suction keeps stored food or liquids fresh for longer. Material: silicone.
119 Kč98,3 Kč excl. VAT