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MONIX Set of silicone lids for pots and bowls, 10 pcs
In stock more than 20 sada
Ecological reusable silicone caps made of high quality silicone, soft texture, durable and non-toxic material (100% free of cadmium, lead, plastics and BPA). They leave no flavors or odors and are reusable after washing. This kit has been certified according to the strictest German food safety regulations. LFGB certification by independent SGS laboratories. The temperature range of silicone caps is -50? ~ to +230 ?, so it can be used in both the freezer and the microwave (be careful not to burn yourself when uncovered). They are also dishwasher safe. 7 different sizes: O6cm, O9cm, O11cm, O14cm, O16cm, O20cm O24cm The set consists of 10 lids of 7 different sizes divided as follows: 2x6cm + 2x9cm + 2x11cm + 1x14cm + 1x16cm + 1x20cm + 1x24cm
359 Kč297 Kč excl. VAT