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VILEDA Clothes dryer EXPRESS 3 m
Personal collection only
In stock more than 2 pcs
Practical and functional - Vileda Express is the ideal dryer to help you dry a small amount of laundry quickly and does not take up any space on the floor. With a drying area of 3 m, it is ideal as an additional dryer, which is hung on the radiator or on the balcony. Easily adapts to different widths thanks to adjustable arms. You can use it to dry hand-washed clothes or delicate laundry, which dries even faster thanks to the heat of the radiator. It is equipped with a robust steel construction and extremely durable resin arms, which provide even greater stability and strength. With protective covers that prevent damage to the surface during use. It can be conveniently stored laid longitudinally, thanks to its folding arms. Product advantages 1. Quick help This dryer is the ideal solution if you need to dry a small amount of laundry quickly. You hang it comfortably on the radiator and it does not take up any space. 2. For drying delicate clothes You can use it to dry hand-washed clothes or delicate laundry, which dries even faster thanks to the heat of the radiator. 3. Adjustable arms Thanks to the adjustable arms, you can hang it on a radiator, balcony or railing.
239 Kč198 Kč excl. VAT
VILEDA Clothes dryer MIXER 3, 30 m cords
Personal collection only
In stock more than 2 pcs
Flexible three-level steel clothes dryer with a drying surface of up to 3 washing machines. Very flexible and versatile use. Thanks to independent racks that can be used as fully open - for drying long clothes and delicate laundry - or semi-folded and pushed in, for example, against a wall or radiator, if you have a small amount of laundry and need to save space. Additional drying space is possible thanks to a holder for small clothes (such as socks or underwear) and 2 hangers for hangers. Swivel castors allow easy relocation. When not in use, it can be easily folded and stored compactly. Dimensions spread (w × d × h): 71 × 71 × 132 cm. Folded dimensions (W × D × H): 71 × 5 × 132 cm. Drying area: 30 meters in a small space, makes maximum use of space. It also fits in the shower. Flexible use thanks to a special joint: you can use half or full area of the dryer. 6 independent racks suitable for drying long clothes or delicate laundry. With holder for small clothes, 2 hangers for hangers and swivel castors for easy relocation. Possibility of folding the dryer for easy storage.
1 089 Kč900 Kč excl. VAT
VILEDA Clothes dryer MIXER 4, 40 m cords
Personal collection only
In stock 2 pcs
This four-story dryer is a versatile helper for everyday drying, especially in small spaces. A useful movable joint in the middle of the dryer allows you to fold the dryer in half the size and you can place it in the hallway, on the wall, on the balcony or even in the shower. Swivel castors allow you to easily manipulate this handy folding dryer with a simple push. You can easily move it from your kitchen to the bathroom and, when it is sunny, to the garden. Its drying area of up to 40 meters ensures drying a large amount of laundry in a small space. Eight independent wings on four different levels offer you many ways to dry. Use this dryer fully unfolded for flat drying or fold some wings to hang long pieces of laundry. So the dryer helps you hang each piece of clothing exactly as needed. Try it for yourself by customizing the drying racks! In addition, you can dry socks and underwear without the use of pegs thanks to the holder for small clothes. This dryer also has 2 arms for hanging hangers. Get this dryer now and enjoy drying a lot of laundry and saving space! Product advantages 1. 40 meters of drying area This multi-level dryer offers 40 meters of drying space on four floors, allowing you to dry a large amount of laundry in a small space. 2. Flexible joints This exclusive dryer has a special flexible joint in the middle. It can thus be used whole or partially folded, thus saving half the space for drying. You can place it against a wall or on a heater, where the extra heat shortens the drying time. 3. 8 independent wings for drying With eight independent folding wings, this dryer provides various drying methods. This is particularly advantageous for drying long pieces of laundry or, conversely, for horizontal drying. Just open or close it as needed.
1 399 Kč1 156 Kč excl. VAT